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The Tooth Fairy

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Dear Reader,

Wiggle, waggle, move me around.

White ones, yellow ones, or even brown.

Just get me out, and do it right now!

By hand, doorknob, I don’t care how.

For my destiny calls, and it calls tonight.

She’s coming, she’s coming!

Pull with all your might!


The Tooth Fairy is a magical rhyming bedtime story that explains who the Tooth Fairy is, and what she does with your children's teeth.  Has your child or grandchild ever asked who the Tooth Fairy is, or what she does with their teeth? This story is an imaginative answer to that question. The perfect children's book to read to your kids when they start losing their teeth, and the night they put their tooth under their pillow. Your child will be excited to pull out that tooth, and put it under the pillow where it's magical journey begins.

Great for the following: Children 2-10 years old, beginner readers, intermediate readers.


ISBN# 978-1-945177-13-2

8” x 10” inches

60 pages hard cover with dust jacket

Written by Adam James Illustrated by Polina Whitetail

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