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Eaten and Gone

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No matter where you live,

Or how big you think you are,

There’s someone out there bigger,

Maybe bigger by far.

So watch your back,

And learn from this book,

For inside a stomach

Is the worst place to cook!


Eaten and Gone is a fun bedtime story that teaches kid's about animals in an exciting and imaginative way. Each page is beautifully hand-painted by the talented Polina Whitetail. If you enjoy this picture book make sure you check out the many others by Adam James. Every book by Adam James is written in verse, and takes children and parents away on a magical adventure.


ISBN# 978-1-945178-19-1

8” x 10” inches

50 pages hard cover with dust jacket

Written by Adam James Illustrated by Polina Whitetail

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Tags: kid book

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