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I Was Running Through the Forest (and I hit a tree)

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Take a journey with me,

But look out for that tree!

Through the magical forest,

Who knows what we’ll see.

So look on the bright side

Even when your luck runs dry.

For life is an adventure,

Don’t let it pass you by.


I Was Running Through the Forest (and I Hit a Tree!) is a magical rhyming bedtime story. If you enjoy fairy tales and beautiful illustrations then you'll love this book. Each page is hand-painted and full of mythical creatures such as: unicorns, dragons, gnomes, fairies, giants, leprechauns, and more. The perfect bedtime story for every night. Teach your kid's to look on the bright side, be positive, and use their imagination.


ISBN# 978-1-945176-87-6

8” x 10” inches

64 pages hard cover embossed

Written by Adam James and illustrated by Polina Whitetail

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