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Go To Bed

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Dear You,

I know, you’re not ready for bed,

So let’s go on a magical journey instead

To mysterious worlds and far off lands.

Just listen closely and follow my commands.

And by the time we’re done, I know for sure

This story will be your bedtime cure.

So turn the page, let’s begin.

No sleeping yet, I’ll tell you when.


Go To Bed is an interactive bedtime story that involves instructions from magical creatures from far off worlds. Kids will enjoy 'touching their toes' or 'touching their ears' as they read this story with their loved ones. This book makes bedtime a blast for kids. Each page is hand-painted by the talented Polina Whitetail.


ISBN# 978-1-945176-36-4

8” x 10” inches

48 pages hard cover with dust jacket

Written by Adam James Illustrated by Polina Whitetail

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